At Naomi Sadé London we are committed to making a change within the beauty community. We do not use harmful ingredients and only use ethically sourced ingredients. Some popular raw materials that have been found in some personal care and beauty products today have been a source of controversy over the methods used to source them. Many of these ingredients are found beneath the ground with child labourers in developing countries often used to enter mines and extract these raw materials.

Naomi Sadé London is committed to ensuring that our ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced and we promise to maintain this commitment.

At Naomi Sadé London we believe in inclusivity and doing what is right within the world of beauty. We have made a commitment to maintaining a full range of vegan and cruelty free cosmetics as we grow and expand our range of products. Naomi Sadé London is an official member of PETA's Global Beauty Without Bunnies Programme, we are Global Animal Test-Free and Vegan approved. This approval means our products are 100% cruelty free & contain zero percent animal derived ingredients from product to packaging. To find out more visit to find out more.